GEM Capacity Building

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GEM Capacity Building extended


These materials were developed by Jaclyn McLeod, former GEM nurse at Lakeridge Health and inspired by Dr. Jacques Lee, Director of Emergency Medicine Research at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center

Give a Senior a SIP - Dehydration in seniors has been linked to mental confusion and falls

Give a Senior a SIP - Dehydration by as little as 2% of body weight results in impaired cognitive and functional responses

Give a Senior a SIP - The most important and often overlooked nutrient, especially in geriatric patients, is water

Give a Senior a SIP - Losses in muscular mass, total body water and bone mass contribute to risk of dehydration

Give a Senior a SIP - Thirst sensation decreases with age

Give a Senior a SIP - Seniors who do not receive adequate fluids are more susceptible to UTI, pneumonia, decubitus ulcers and confusion

Give a Senior a SIP - If every practitioner provided pt with a 'sip' of water we could possibly avoid preventable dehydrations

Give a Senior a SIP - Taking vitals? Mobilizing? Just talking?



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